Log in using the Municipality of Milan services portal

New Access Mode

Access to an AreaB Profile or the creation of a new Registration, are possible only through the prior authorization granted by Service portal of the Municipality of Milan.

To register on the Services Portal of the Municipality of Milan you can use SPID, CIE or request a special user for companies.

Read the guide to obtain SPID: spid.gov.it/cos-e -spid/how-to-activate-spid

Read the guide to activate CIE: https://www.cartaidentita.interno.gov.it/attiva

Create the company ID for your business: https://www.comune.milano.it/servizi/registra-la-Azienda-al-sito-del-comune-di-milano

If you have forgotten your credentials or have yet to register at Services Portal of the Municipality of Milan, press the 'Login' button, you will find all the necessary information.